Skills and Training

  • Strategic Skills Plan
  • 32,000 people on courses to get good jobs
  • Skills Bootcamps for good green jobs

Our skills programme leaves no one behind. Individual coaching and support for people with autism, or neurodiversity, young people who’ve had a tough start in life, and adults with complex needs around mental illness and substance abuse.

As part of our Strategic Skills Plan, we are supporting the development of green skills with £2 million from our Skills for Growth Fund. An open call for projects was launched in October 2021 with an opportunity for a range of organisations and partnerships to come forward with ideas for projects. Four have been selected to deliver a skills and training offer which meets skills demand in areas such as offshore wind (power generation & supply chain), retrofit and green construction. We are also supporting green skills bootcamps with £1.2 million of the £5.4 million allocated to us in July this year from the Department for Education

Our Skills Bootcamps give both those in and out of work the training they need to access the growing demand for skills in fast growing green industries such as electric vehicle maintenance, housing retrofitting and heat pump installation. These are free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks. They give people the opportunity to learn new practical skills and put them on a fast-track to a guaranteed interview with supporting employers.

We are not yet ready to put a figure on the total number of jobs these skills programmes will create, but we anticipate that it will add thousands to our already impressive total.

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