Fighting for the North East!

A plan for Full Employment, a Green New Deal and a Total Transport Network.

The North East can be awesome – if we’re bold.

There’s no law of nature that says buses have to be expensive and unreliable.  That work has to be insecure and badly paid.  That homes have to be damp and cold.  These can all be fixed – if we put the needs of working people and their families ahead of billionaires and global corporations.

But ambition is useless without delivery.  That needs skill & experience.  I’ve been Mayor of half our region for the past four years.  I stand on my proven track record of delivery.  We’ve smashed every target, created thousands of green jobs, built affordable homes, and won praise for our groundbreaking child poverty prevention programme.

This manifesto contains no vague promises or empty headed slogans.  Every policy is based on evidence, and backed by a plan for delivery. Click on the policy headings below for more.

Can we really achieve full employment, a green economy that reduces inequality, and a world-class transport system? Yes we can – and after 13 years of Tory government, we need to.  Shy bairns get nowt!