Working with Trade Unions

  • Funded and improved Union Learn
  • Improving working practices through the Good Work Pledge
  • Bringing Trade Unions into our policy development
  • Solidarity when in dispute
  • Regular meetings

I put Trade Unions at the heart of everything we do – and proudly say so. Too often Labour politicians shy away from supporting unions. Unionised workplaces are more productive, more innovative, and have lower staff turnover.

That’s why when the Tories cut the Union Learn project, I stepped in and funded it.  It’s a project that coordinates a network of trade unionists to operate in workplaces helping predominantly low paid workers enrol on training courses, so they could earn more money and benefit their employers. A project that for every £1 spent gave £13 back to the economy. It was nothing but ideological spite. We’ve restored it and made it stronger – because unionised workplaces are more productive, safer, and look after their staff. And because we have a Labour Mayor, the union learn project is not just saved in the North of Tyne, it’s stronger than ever and we’ve expanded it from one full time worker to four.

I meet with the regional trade union secretaries every quarter, and I’ve supported them, through every industrial dispute, and stood with them on picket lines.

I will stand in solidarity with working people in dispute.  I’ve supported:


We’re working with the teaching unions to set up a teachers’ supply agency owned by the people it serves so supply teachers can get their pension rights and access to continuous professional development.

All the jobs we create are backed by our Good Work Pledge that we developed bringing unions and progressive businesses together. It guarantees the real living wage, an end to fire and rehire and zero-hours contracts, engages with the workforce through trade union recognition agreements, supports mental health at work, builds a diverse workforce, and trains employees to turn a job into a career.

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