Green New Deal

  • £18 million fund
  • Grants, loans and equity available
  • All projects deliver carbon savings and create jobs

This fund exists to cut emissions and create jobs.

£18 million for schools, nurseries, councils, small businesses, NGOs, housing associations – the community – to help tackle the climate emergency and energy crisis.

It was launch in November 2022 and there are already 28 projects in the pipeline, looking for £36 million. Applicants include small and medium sized businesses, local authorities, the NHS, and not-for-profit organisations.

Loans, equity and grants are available to fund small and medium sized innovative projects that deliver significant carbon savings and help create new jobs and develop skills in the region’s green and low carbon industries.  These technologies include energy efficiency, e-mobility, renewables, energy storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Because we will only get to net zero if people and businesses have the skills and resources to get there.

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