John McDonnell is Backing Me – So is Noam Chomsky

February 12, 2019

Could there be any better endorsement of my socialist economic policies than John McDonnell, Laura Pidcock and Clive Lewis – all Labour economics front benchers?

John McDonnell in support of Jamie Driscoll

I know Jamie through his work promoting socialist economics and as a dynamic grassroots activist. He’s a 100% genuine socialist, and his policies and depth of knowledge are exactly what we need to fight austerity – more democratic ownership of our local economies, redistributing wealth and putting people first. He has my support, please give him yours.

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor

Laura Pidcock in support of Jamie Driscoll

I’ve known Jamie for some time and I believe that he has both the integrity and the ability to deliver socialist policies for the North of Tyne. His plans for regenerating the local economy with community wealth building are genuinely exciting and exactly what we need. I know he’ll be tireless in fighting for our people. He has my support, please vote for him.

Laura Pidcock MP