Fighting for the North East

April 17, 2024

The North East has been neglected for decades. Successive governments of all political persuasions have forgotten us. I want to make sure that changes. I want to fight for our region.

I went to Westminster and got us a £6.1billion devolution deal. The best funded deal in the country. Now I want to squeeze every penny of value from it.

As North East Mayor, I would;

  • Take buses back into public control and create timetables and routes that work for people, not just profit
  • Create more green, open spaces that we can enjoy, places to take our children and grandchildren to play
  • Support our voluntary sector and charities to provide youth services and help for communities
  • Invest in your local area by funding the projects that residents want to do, with up to £40,000 per project
  • Create well paid, decent jobs so our young people can stay in the region and prosper
  • Build a Total Transport Network with one ticket for bus, metro, rail and ferry

In the last 5 years as North of Tyne Mayor I’ve created 5,377 jobs and trained 35,000 people a year so they can compete for them. I’ve run programmes in 279 schools to help our children thrive. And I’ve worked in partnership with councils to deliver projects like the new Northumberland rail line in South East Northumberland. The only new passenger rail line in the country for a long time.

I’ve done all that with £0 on your council tax, and with £0 borrowing. We need a Mayor who can manage the finances.

The North East has a proud history. We can be great again. A vote for me means you’ll get a North East Mayor that has the vision and the experience to make it happen.