New rail routes in Durham, Wearside, Tyneside and Northumberland

We’ll open new routes, a mix of network rail, light rail and tram, and integrate them into the Total Transport Network, so joint ticketing will apply.

We’re already opening the Northumberland line from Ashington to Newcastle. The North of Tyne is developing the housing and industry along this route, which was a key part of the economic case that persuaded the government to cough up the cash.

I will extend the Metro from South Hylton, through Washington, past Follingsbury, to rejoin the Metro near Pelaw.

I’ve already been working on reopening the Leamside Line, from Ferry Hill to Gateshead, along with others.  I successfully lobbied to have it included in the Northern Powerhouse Rail project.

I’m already working with pension funds to lever in £billions of investment to build the homes and industrial sites along the route that will accelerate this business case to get it built sooner.

I also want to connect Cobalt Park and Silverlink to the Metro at Northumberland Park and Percy Main.  We need to find a way to get Ponteland connected with the Airport Metro station.  I want to connect Team Valley, a major employment site, to the network.  And I want to get a mass transit solution for the West End of Newcastle.  In practice, the best option might be a superbus network.

In Northumberland, I want more services to stop at the smaller stations, which will mean building some passing loops to increase capacity north of Newcastle.