Fully integrated public transport – one multi-modal ticket

Instead of separate bus companies, the Metro and the rail operators all running as separate systems, we’ll integrate into one Total Network.  A transponder on every vehicle will allow passengers real time information so it’s super easy to plan a journey that books you a secure cycle pod at your local station, sorts your ticket on the train, and gets you on your bus at the other end.  All paying just one fare.

Wherever cross ticketing has been implemented passenger numbers have increased by up to 40%, bringing in more money, and supporting more services.

I’ll implement a series of junction improvements so buses can zip past traffic hotspots.  Every bus full of passengers takes 50 cars off the road, meaning less congestion for everyone.  We’ll incentivise park and ride facilities, and make them more bad weather friendly.

In rural areas across County Durham and Northumberland we’ll have demand responsive transport.  This effectively ‘summons’ a small bus that can change its route to swing by your village or estate so everyone can access the transport network.

With access to real time data about people’s full journeys, we can continuously improve routes and timetables.