Put wellbeing and equality ahead of GDP

The North of Tyne is the only Combined Authority that has implemented a wellbeing framework. All of our policies and process are measured against long-term outcomes that are good for our people, instead of clumsy measures like GDP, which conceal health and wealth inequality.

It measures things like real income, having good quality homes in safe communities, having access to greenspaces, and having a voice in the decisions that affect us. I’d extend this to the whole region.

Wales introduced the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act.  I’d appoint a Future Generations Commissioner to champion long-term thinking in decision making, and convene our region to support this.

I’d also convene a Tolerance and Diversity commission. This will not seek to supplant existing initiatives, but instead give a voice in decision making. It will include representatives from communities, and the voluntary, public and business sectors to ensure real progress is made. This will cover all forms of racism, hate and oppression.