Lifelong training opportunities that tackle inequality in gender, race, age and disability

I run Mayoral Equalities assemblies where I personally hear from people’s lived experience to understand their real barriers to employment.

Lack of skills and experience is a massive barrier to equality in the workforce.  Our courses are fixing this – real results to close the inequality gaps and actually help people.  We run free, flexible training courses that work around people’s caring commitments and existing work patterns, in skills like HGV driving, construction, computer administration and welding.  We provide 1-on-1 coaching for people with increased needs, such as neurodiversity, or carers.

  • 57% of those completing our courses are women
  • 45% are non-white
  • 21% self-identify as disabled or neurodiverse

I’m lobbying to devolve the Job Centre Plus.  Our links with businesses will get better results, and we treat people with dignity, rather than the harsh sanctions regime.

Under my leadership we’ve increased course enrolments from 21,885 to 32,769 a year, with a 96% completion rate.  I’ll deliver a similar increase across the North East.