Good Work Pledge – every job to trade union standards

The jobs we create are backed by our Good Work Pledge. Good employers know that looking after their workers boosts productivity.  Full accreditation requires:

  • paying the Real Living Wage
  • shunning exploitative practices like fire & rehire and zero-hours contracts
  • providing in-job training to turn jobs into careers
  • recognising trade unions
  • building a diverse workforce

Over 50,000 workers are now covered by the Good Work Pledge in the North East.

I directly fund the trade union movement to deliver the Union Learn Project, which organises trade union reps in workplaces to help low-paid workers access training.  Next, I will fund a project for trade unions to go into schools, and explain the value of good work and the role of trade unions.  Unionised workplaces are more productive, safer, and have lower staff turnover than ununionised workplaces.