• Negotiating the new devolution deal to get transport powers
  • Voice for the region
  • Clear vision for integrated transport

The power of devolution, when done right, is the ability to get parts of the economy working together and pulling in the same direction.  For that to work you need powers and a budget.  Transport effects all of us on a daily basis. It’s a key part of what we need to sort out the region.

At North of Tyne we don’t have transport powers devolved like Greater Manchester or West Yorkshire. We don’t yet have the powers to regulate the buses, cap fares, and bring in integrated ticketing. The new North East devolution deal would give us that.

I’m already a voice for the region on transport as I sit on the Transport for the North Board and represent the whole North East on the Rail North Board. I have a clear vision of how transport can work in the North East for its residents.

It means redesigning our transport system so we’re not sitting in cars belching fumes. Fast, efficient, affordable public transport is our future. Including making walking and cycling safer. I’d like to see a world where anyone can ride a bike to a station, park it securely, get on a bus and transfer that ticket to rail or Metro, get off at the other end and earn a good wage in one of the many companies we’re bringing to the region.

We also need better connections into and out of our region. We’re in a crazy situation where the East Coast Mainline is so constrained by its Victorian infrastructure that we can’t benefit from HS2 or Northern Powerhouse rail until we get the funding to reopen the Leamside line.

It’s been too long since people listened to our region, and I’m going keep fighting our corner.

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